Best Way

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Well, since we decided to get married on November (Oh my, that will be next month! :P) We tried to avoid any conflict, conflict between us, between our family, or even between ourselves. Those would be soooo hard. Even I tried tried tried, but problems are coming coming coming. Problem is a friend, said Lenka. We can do nothing but solve it with big heart, inshaaLlah, Allah would give His best plan. He knows the best for us surely. Believe on it.

When you have your own way and I have mine, lets make the best way for us :') InshaaLlah ..

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  1. Anonymous10/28/2011

    Lucuuu fotonyaa.. Semoga lancar sampai hari H ya feen..

    Btw ijin link blognya yaaa ^^ Thanx..


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