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Okay, I let you know about him. He refers to? Ya-siapa-lagiiiii :P
Ehm, I wear almost a formal outfit for going to office, but him? He just wears t-shirt, jeans, and sandals! 180 degrees difference :D But, I changed his outfit since I've become his wife, hahaha, I prepare his outfit in the morning, t-shirts becoming shirt, sandals becoming shoes, and jeans? Still jeans.

Yes 24-hours! When I've grabbed my blanket and hugged my pillow, he answers the phone, turns on his lappy, switches on the modem, and ready to work in midnight. Yes, his job is to make sure that the system doing well in 24-hours, everyday, every time. Okay, this situation may help you, if we go somewhere, shopping or having dinner in restaurant or going to wedding, he will bring his lappy (sure with modem :D) and in the middle of our date *ehm* okay, again, he does the routine the-phone-lappy-modem-thing.

Sometimes, he called me in the evening, and said "I can not go home tonight, I must do a release for bla bla bla system bla bla bla ...". Buuuuuuuut, he loves his job much much much, I'm here to support him as support engineer. InshaaLlah. :)

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